About this site

Wtf is this?

Trying to work is a collection of spaces to work online as a digital nomad or online worker in Belfast, Dublin and London (with more cities coming).

It's a side-project born from a freelancer's frustrations of trying to find decent places to work online when out and about in local city centres.

Often I would get to a coffee shop, order, sit down to work and then discover that the WiFi speed sucks, or worse, doesn't work at all! So I decided to start cataloging local spaces and their wifi speeds to share with fellow remote workers and digital nomads. And so, Trying To Work was born.

Where's my city?

Want your city added? Awesome, submit 3 or more of the best spaces for people to work online in your city and it will be added to the site.

Have a question?

Came across any bugs? Have any suggestions on how I can improve this site? Or just want to talk to me? You can send me a DM on Twitter, email me or open an issue on Github.


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